Meter Reading

STEP 1   Locate your meter box. If you do not know where it may be, call us, we will be glad to help. If your meter box or “meter can” is damaged please let us know, with freezing temperatures not far away, we need to get it repaired. Frozen meters are expensive! And being without water for a preventable cause isn’t a good way to start a cold morning. (Without coffee).

STEP 2   Once you open the meter box lid, lift the protective cap on the meter. On the face of the meter, there is a large dial and a display of numbers. For the residential meter, each rotation of the dial measures 10 gallons. Read the number display from left to right. Be sure to include the stationary zero. This is your meter reading. Our Meters measure water in gallons. Charges for the amount of water consumed during a billing period is on a tiered system.  We bill about a month and half behind. We try to read meters as close to or on the fifteenth of each month, so for example the bill you receive in December, will be for water used during the time frame of October 15 to November 15.  We welcome and encourage all our customers to check their meter periodically. If the silver and black pinwheel in the center of the meter is turning, there is water moving through the meter. Some leaks are very hard to find, we will be trying to update our site with tips and tricks that may help with this. Don’t hesitate to call us if we may be of assistance. We now have “drive-by”, radio read meters, so just because we haven’t lifted the lid on your meter can recently, don’t believe we aren’t checking them every month.

We strive very hard to provide the best possible service to every customer. If we find a leak, while reading meters, we try to call that customer right away. So as we further develop our business, please keep us updated of good working phone numbers. We work for you!  As our paying customers, we will always try to treat every customer as we would want to be treated.

Our Meters