Things to know!

The pictures below will help identify certain parts used to provide water service and help with communication, so we all know exactly which particular part we are talking about. We do recommend customers put a shut off valve on their water line close to the meter if they may be turning the water off very often (more than 6 times per year) as the cycle life of the shutoff valve is limited. It is also recommended each customer install a pressure regulator, as most will have pressure well above what faucets and appliances are manufactured to withstand. We, at Hughes RWD #6, are committed to providing the absolute best possible quality of water with the best service. It is a partnership with each customer. The district and each customer both have responsibillities, to help make our system the best we can be. 

As stated in our by-laws, we provide water PRIMARILY for domestic use. We have a very profound respect for private property rights and freedom. Therefore we manage our system to be fair and impartial. Each individual needs to understand, fair does not always mean equal and equal seldom means fair. We do not dictate what you can use water for or what you cannot use our water for. If you need to water cows, or your garden, or want to wash your car or fill a swimming pool, it has long been the position of Hughes County Rural Water District #6, once the water goes through the meter it is the customers water. Each customer is responsible for the water that goes through the meter, even leaks. The Board and staff are guided by laws, rules and policies. There are a number of ways we try to stay true to our Mission statement and function sustainably. For example, we only provide one size meter, which is a standard 5/8X3/4 residential meter. These meters are capable of supplying more than adequate volume for a residence, in fact they can provide more water than most would want for domestic use. This brings about the rate structure which is designed to encourage conservation, and deter waste. 

Many have asked how we are handling customers who may want to put in a business, for example feed lots or grow houses, or hog farms. To be true to our mission and non-descriminatory, we will provide water for residential use, through a standard meter. We are required to have a copy of the septic system certification in each customers file, once a "dwelling" is established. Each customer gets the same size meter, and pays the same rates. Yet we do have to consider the impact each and every connection has on the system as a whole. We have to be certain we are performing our duties in the most ethical, moral and legal manner, for the sustainability of the district. Continuing to provide the greatest quality, quantity, and service for each and every customer are key priorities.

We truly hope this may answer some questions many have posed. And, as always, if you have questions not answered here, don't hesitate to call the office at (580) 892-3677, our office hours are 7:30 AM to 4:00PM.