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2023 Proposed Bylaws

We at Hughes County Rural Water District #6 make every effort to operate and manage the District in compliance and accordance with all laws, rules and regulations placed upon us. Changes in these mandates require the Board of Directors and management to adapt and update our own documents. 

The by-laws have been thoroughly reviewed by the Board of Directors and counsel, resulting in the proposed by-laws to be presented for consideration at the annual meeting of the membership on November 14, 2023; to be held in the principal office of the District, 716 Elder Avenue, Gerty, Oklahoma at 8:00pm. The current and proposed by-laws can be found under the Forms & Reports tab, in the All Forms & Reports section of our website:  Hughesrwd6.com.

The proposed by-laws address updates that will allow the District to continue to function in a clear, transparent manner providing fair, equitable and non-discriminatory service to every member.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.